Paperless fax machine is a good idea, in theory

In this day and age, it's kind of shocking that fax machines still exist. But exist they do, and some people insist on still using them. If you still need to deal with people who require faxes but don't feel like dealing with the paper waste that comes with it, the new paperless Panasonic fax machine should keep you going through to the fax machine's inevitable death.

You can send faxes using the built-in keypad to type out your messages, or you can send saved Word documents through. It's a great idea on the surface, but not having even the option of using paper might not be that great. After all, what if you need to send a signed document? Or something you don't have on your computer? Let's just hope the entire fax machine thing just dies off entirely so we won't have to worry about such things anymore.

Nikkei, Via CrunchGear