Obama's new PDA will likely be a super secure military model

Now that President Obama has won the battle to keep his beloved PDA, speculation has begun about what type of device it will be. Given the secret nature of our texter in chief's communications, I expect they'll insist on something a bit more secure than a standard RIM Blackberry or iPhone.

One likely choice is the Sectéra Edge from military defense contractor General Dynamics. That little red button selects a special encrypted classified mode, where the screen turns red while limiting its communications to only those with similarly equipped devices. Used this way, the Edge is certified for voice communications up to the Top Secret level, and up to Secret for text and e mail. The Edge works on both CDMA and GSM networks, with Wi-Fi to be added soon, so Obama can stay in touch anywhere on the globe.

The Edge is available to us regular folks too, although at $3,350 it's unlikely you'll be able to score one for $20 plus a two year contract.

Via, New York Times