NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision, wireless glasses that take you to another world

You might not like the way these Joe-cool glasses make you look, but you'll like what you see when you put them on. These wireless (and they are wireless — those wires you see in the pics are for theft control) 3D glasses charge up in two hours for 40 hours of continuous viewing, and NVIDIA says they work with 350 PC games right out of the box. They work by rapidly alternating between your two eyes with slightly different camera angles, fooling your eyes and noggin into thinking you're seeing in 3D.

It works. We donned these peepers for a stunning 3D demo of Guitar Hero, and also several 3D movie clips — and the 3D effect was remarkable. NVIDIA has big plans for these $199 GeForce 3D Vision glasses, coaxing movie studios into releasing their 3D content for 3D viewing using NVIDIA's movie player and these kooky specs. There are good reasons why these glasses were voted one of the best products of CES by CNET. You think this idea'll fly?