New York Yankees sign exclusive Playstation 3 deal

I'm a bit out of my element here, so bear with me. But it seems the New York Yankees, who I believe are a collection of some sort of athletes, have announced that they've made an exclusive deal with Sony for their new stadium. When the new Yankee Stadium opens on April 7, it will be slathered in corporate logos. And Sony has secured a spot among those logos by passing along a whole mess of fancy HD screens so people can watch the first downs and goals and whatnot on TV, where it's probably easier to see what's going on than if you were actually sitting the audience trying to use your opera glasses.

And then there's this bit:

Sony PlayStation 3 entertainment systems and VAIO notebook computers will be available to fans in select locations throughout the Stadium.
I'm not sure what "select locations" means, but it sounds maybe you can play NBA '09 along with the Yankees while they're actually sportsing. Whiff! Goooooooal! Nothing but net! Got the bat off your shoulder! Spike that ball!

Anyway, the actual story is here.

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