Netgear Internet TV Player lets you channel-surf the Web

Ever been channel surfing and thought, "I wonder what's on YouTube?" If you have, Netgear has just the product for you: The company's Internet TV Player is a paperback-size device that jacks into one of the HDMI ports on your TV. Once it's connected to your home network, it'll bring a ton of Internet video right to your TV screen.

Netgear says the Player will bring you everything from YouTube streams to Torrent downloads, and a search function is built in. But if you just want to veg, browsing pre-prepared "channels" is an option, too. If the nice channel menu above and the Apple TV-esque search interface in the gallery below, the interface might actually be pretty smooth. And the box is friggin' tiny.

The Internet TV Player (model ITV2000) is due to hit this summer for $199.