Move aside Tesla; 1972 Datsun is the world's fastest street legal electric car

The stunning Tesla Roadster has proved that electric cars don't have to be funky little econoboxes that can barely keep up with city traffic, but now its electric speed crown is being challenged by a guy in Portland Oregon with his 1972 Datsun, (that's Nissan for anyone under 30).

Using special lightweight lithium ion batteries originally developed for electric hand tools, John Wayland's White Zombie can run the 1/4 mile in under 11.5 seconds, with a trap speed of more than 114 miles per hour. Wayland's favorite trick is to go to Portland International Raceway's open drag nights, and spank the macho racer types in their Corvettes and vintage muscle cars with the little street legal Datsun.

Plasma Boy Racing, via