Iriver unleashes ultimate multimedia hub for your geek fortress

Korean hardware manufacturer iriver stormed this year's CES with a slew of new products, but the standout among all their announcements was the WAVE-HOME device. This exquisitely designed work of art functions as an all-in-one multimedia device offering Internet access, a VoIP phone, video conferencing, gaming, music, video, FM radio, a built-in camera, and a set of slick widgets to keep you abreast of the latest news and weather.

All this and it even features USB and SD card ports, and a beautiful 7-inch color LCD touchscreen interface! Pricing and release date have yet to be announced. If you're one of the few who remember the shelved 3Com Ergo Audrey home utility breakthrough device from back in the year 2000, the WAVE-HOME presents a realistic look at the future of this category that many hoped for years ago.

Via Pocketables