Innergie mCube90G green power plug saves energy and carry-on space

With the new mCube90G power adapter from Innergie and Green Plug, road warriors now have a lighter, greener option to toting around all those different power supplies and cables.

The adapter is green in two ways: It cuts your devices' phantom — or standby — power usage and it allows manufacturers to standardize one universal power connector, meaning fewer device-specific power sources get made. These power supplies tend to have longer lives than the gadgets they juice up, but get thrown out with the obsolete tech.

Stringent rules in some states force electronics manufacturers to keep phantom power usage in devices to 0.5 watts. But plug two of those 0.5-watt devices into a single mCube90G adapter instead of a typical power strip, and it will save that extra 0.5 watt. Four-plug — and larger — versions are planned.