If there ever was a flash drive okay to give on Valentine's, Pink Meletta could be it

Nothing says "I love you" on Valentine's Day like a flash drive, right? Well, maybe an expensive-but-beautiful drive would do the trick.

Mimoco is rolling out another one of its popular MIMOBOTs, worked over by famed Tokidoki artist Simone Legno. The character's called Meletta, and this time — despite all appearances — she's in love. From Mimoco:

Meletta is in LOVE! Someone snuck past that monkey on her head and gave her a kiss, and now she's blushing pink and black! Just in time for Valentine's Day, Pink Meletta is a techie gift that will satisfy your inner geek while not getting you stuck on the couch Valentine's night…
…Unless, y'know, your beau drops said flash drive between the cushions of the couch. The drive comes loaded with a special suite of screensavers, wallpapers, icons and more, and you can buy a special pouch for it that looks like a hoodie.

All that extra love comes at a cost — 1 GB will set you back $25, and there's also 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB models (the last of which costs $60).

Via Mimoco

(Thanks for the tip, Dan!)