Hunter Concert Breeze System puts a speaker inside a ceiling fan, at last

Ceiling fans are without a doubt a great way to keep air flowing a room, but putting a wireless speaker in a ceiling fan is one great idea. Why? Because ceiling fans are usually in the center of the room, which is coincidentally the perfect acoustic location. That's why the folks at Soundolier (they guys who brought us those wireless lamp speakers) teamed up with the Hunter fan company to create the Hunter Concert Breeze Ceiling System, a wireless ceiling-fan speaker that emits sound that will feel like it's raining down on you.

Setup is easy: You connect the Soundolier Maestro 2.4GHz wireless transmitter to any audio source. Now the fan is ready to receive audio signals, said to be full-range digital-quality audio, from up to 300 feet away. The speaker is located in the fan's light, below the blades. The volume and light are controlled by a credit card-size remote control. It's set for release in "early 2009."