Garish Obama hidden camera belt buckle won't make you a spy (or fashionable)

With Obama taking office today, the craze for presidential swag is shooting through the roof. A shirt, a button, or bumper sticker — that's the kind of stuff you expect, right? Well, how about a Barack Obama themed belt buckle, complete with a micro DVR camera built in to capture video and audio?

Yeah, that's right — there are already spy gadgets popping up branded with Obama's face, and not just here in America. This belt buckle is actually from a Chinese company called Ajoka, which lists the item as an "Obaba Buckle DVR Camera." No idea how much this thing costs, but we wouldn't pay a penny for it. (Now, if it had a better likeness of "Obaba" on it, then maybe.)

Ajoka, via The Raw Feed