First look: NovelQuest's insane $40k Emperor gaming chair in the flesh

The NovelQuest Emperor made quite the splash a few months ago when a picture of it circulated 'round the net, and we're happy to report it holds up just as well in the flesh. Looking a lot like a prop from Alien, the $40,000 gaming chair features three LCDs mounted in an array and attached to a motorized arm, which can be raised and lowered by way of a control panel. It also boasts a luxurious list of features: a top-of-the-line PC integrated into the side of it, optional laptop dock, air conditioning, THX surround sound, a variety of colors — to name a few.

NovelQuest's Patrick Laflamme Duval was kind enough to walk us through the chair's features in the video above, and we've got plenty of pictures for you down below.

Via NovelQuest