Eyes-on: Quick — is a 240Hz HDTV better than a 120Hz HDTV?

Can 240Hz TVs give you a sharper picture than their predecessors, the 120Hz sets? We looked closely at four major purveyors of such tech, and discovered a noticeable difference between 120Hz and 240HZ refresh rates with the set-up demos provided — most of which used material specifically shot in 240Hz.

The clearer motion was most noticeable on the Samsung and Sony 240Hz HDTVs, less noticeable on the LG, and made little difference on the Toshiba. From 12 feet away, the difference between all the examples wasn't nearly as dramatic as from the uncommon viewing distance of 3 feet away, leaving us wondering how relevant this whole 240Hz exercise really is.

Of course, the still pics in the gallery below are not going to show much difference in motion between the TVs; we offer them as proof that we stared at these four groups of moving screens until we got carsick.

Our conclusion? Cutting through all the CES hype isn't easy, but seeing these screen demos with our own eyes was revealing. We think 240Hz is slightly better than 120Hz, which is better than 60Hz. Is it $500 better? No, but this tech is bound to trickle down to most LCD TVs soon, at little extra cost.