Earphone adapters make plastic earbuds comfortable, finally

Earbuds are a great way to listen to music on a portable device, because they're easy to store and often cause a tight seal with your ear, drowning out the outside world and allowing you to listen to music at volumes that won't leave you deaf by 40. But they're also tough to break in and can be frustrating to find a decent fit with.

These Acousibuds Earphone Adapters attach to hard, plastic earbuds, such as those that come with an iPhone or iPod, making them much more comfortable and improving their grip greatly. Rather than just sitting next to your ear, they wedge themselves into your ears comfortably. They create a seal, providing some noise isolation, and improve the sound as well as the comfort. Why not enjoy your earbuds rather than just tolerate them?

Amazon, via Red Ferret