Dz-Flex multi-screen monitor: why leave your desk, ever?

The multi-screen setup is the sign of a true computer, uh, aficionado, someone who spends more time staring at their computer screens than they do at so-called real life. But only a storied few can take it to the next level with something as exquisitely over-the-top as the Dx-Flex multi-screen monitor.

The Dx-Flex slaps three screens together in one unit, allowing you to adjust them how you see fit. You can tilt the outer screens inward if you're playing a game and want those to be your side perspectives, or you can have the screens aligned straight across if you're working on some epically large spreadsheet or something. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing or availability for this, but as with most toys for the decidedly sedentary, it's gonna be expensive.

Elport, via BornRich