DVICE's Steampunk Cylon Contest: Design Victorian Robots, Win Prizes

Ever wonder what a Cylon designed in the 1800s might look like? Ever have the desire to put those thoughts to Photoshop? Now's your chance to use your creativity to win big: During the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica DVICE is holding a Steampunk Cylon contest. Simply design your 1800s-era Cylon (Photoshop or model) and send in the picture to editor@dvice.com. Easy-peasy.

We made the design on the right to give you an idea of what we're getting at. Think you can do better? Go for it! What's in it for you? How about plenty of Battlestar swag, some DVICE tech toys and the title of Best Steampunk Cylon Designer (we're working on making it an official Oscar category nexy year). Get the full details on the contest here. Good luck, folks!

DVICE Steampunk Cylon Contest