DVICE set to jump all over the gigantic CES 2009 in Vegas

Beginning next Tuesday night (1/6), DVICE attacks the humongous Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on your behalf, dear readers. As is our wont, we'll jump on the offbeat side of CES 2009, while still covering the most important and exciting announcements, all while seeing how much jumbo shrimp, cracked crab, pyramid-shaped chocolate mousse and grog we can pour down our thirsty, hungry pieholes.

While the mysteries of CES await, we're anticipating scads of thinner, bigger, brighter and faster (480Hz?!) HDTVs on tap, gadgets of every stripe for your car, abode, pocket, body or desktop; sweaty hoards of haggard journos, and us, hanging out at the swank NBC Universal lounge, sheltered from the storm but smack dab in the thick of it at the same time.

Have something in particular you'd like to see? Let us know in comments. Don't miss our new, hands-on and strongly pictorial approach, giving you a quick read and a unique you-are-there advantage. Should be a hoot; hope you'll join us, right here.