Disney-branded Pyramat gaming chairs

Sure, grownups want the latest and greatest gear, but little tykes deserve some kick-ass gadgetry too, don't you think? Pyramat is showing off a line of chairs designed to enhance the gaming experience, and the latest versions have the Disney stamp of approval.

There are two chairs in the lineup — one pink, the other dark blue. Other features are the same. The seat contains a POWERSUB subwoofer, and an array of speakers line the headrest. There are presets for games, movies and music. For even more fun, there are LED lights that flash on the bottom of the chairs. Retailing for around $120, there's no reason that adults should have all the cool toys, right?

Multi-player connections let up to eight chairs connect together for a new way to keep the kiddies entertained for hours. Want to join in on the fun? There's a loveseat design too, made for a slightly more mature crowd.