Dish Network teams up with Sling for satellite TV watching everywhere

Satellite-TV provider Dish Network might be getting an inferiority complex about all those
Web-connected TVs we're hearing about
here at CES, so now it's teamed up with Sling Media to create a uber-DVR for satellite TV watching anywhere.

This ViP 922 beast rolled out here at CES (for a spring release) has a terabyte of storage for recording and playing back your favorite shows from the Dish Network satellite service, and Sling helps out by giving you its storied ability to watch all that stuff from any Web-connected device — or, uh, a TV.

Hey, this is just like a pumped-up Slingbox Pro-HD. Nice. Look for it this spring for an as-yet-undisclosed price, Dish Network subscribers, and the rest of us will continue wallowing in our millions of internet channels, free HDTV broadcasts, and maybe even a cable channel or two if we feel like wasting a few bucks.