Destroy your mouse now for a chance at a free Razer Mamba later

Operative word: chance. Razer, which has made a decent name for itself with its gaming gear (or at least for the Boomslang), is running a contest — make a video of you laying waste to your current mouse and you may be selected to win a free $130 Mamba, Razer's latest offering. The Mamba is a wireless/wired hybrid mouse. If you run low on batteries, you can plug it in via USB and keep playing without having to wait.

All videos are due by January 30th with winners announced mid-February, so you better get crackin' if you want a shot. Strapped for ideas? Take a gander at what a sledgehammer can do to even the toughest gadgets. (Or — dare I bring it up? — a pair of evil hands to a lovable dino-bot.)

Razer Mamba contest, via Maximum PC