Super-sexy Dell Adamo laptop may be delayed

Aw, are we going to have to wait even longer for that gorgeous, super-thin Dell Adamo laptop? According to DigiTimes, yes — the luxo-lappies are slated to go into mass production in the "second half of 2009." But that's not saying there couldn't be a limited number available before then. Still, we were thinking we could get our grimy paws on one in the next few months.

Why are we so eager? Dell's super-thin, outlandishly beautiful MacBook Air killer was flashed in front of journos at CES earlier this month (see pic above), and fully revealed to us in back rooms, and we're here to tell you: it'll be worth the wait; you'll fall in love with it. That's all we can say or Dell will shoot us.

DigiTimes, via CrunchGear