Chargepod juices up your laptop and four gadgets at once, with room for a USB hub

Callpod is releasing the successor to its wonderful Chargepod 6-way charger. The Chargepod V2 will be able to handle your laptop (either PC or Mac, surprisingly) and four gadgets, with room to spare to act as a three-port USB hub while it's juicing your equipment back into the green. (For us reporters who have been lugging around laptops, phones, cameras, recorders and worse, the V2 is pretty drool-worthy. Maybe it's just an oasis in a desert?) Look for it soon for a cringe-worthy $200.

Besides the V2, Callpod will also be releasing the Drone Class 1 Bluetooth adapter, which will give you over 300 feet of range under optimal conditions and automatically sync up to your headsets.

Check out the gallery below to see the various ports of the Chargepod V2 — the drone is the last in the set.

Via Callpod