Catching up with Keepon and its fancy new Wiimote controls

We met up with Marek Michalowski of BeatBots to find out what's next for Keepon, his world famous dancing robot. Michalowski can control Keepon with a Wiimote to make it bob and dance in response to button presses or a flick of the wrist. Similarly, Keepon can be hooked up to a Wii Fit board, where it can dance in sync with whoever is on the board.

Michalowski is also taking a look at other versatile controllers such as the iPhone. He hasn't dug into it too much just yet, but he did comment that it'd be awesome to see an interactive Keepon app - which would let us all get our hands on it for less than the $30,000 price tag the hand-made 'bot currently sports. BeatBots is in the market for investors and distributors with interests in education and therapy, and a cheaper, consumer-level Keepon is in the works.

Keepon was joined by a clone of itself plugged into another laptop. The second unit was showing off its face-tracking abilities, watching visitors to the booth and streaming video to the laptop screen.

Via BeatBots