Bug Labs, the erector set for programmers, adds 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & more

Bug Labs is adding six new BUGmodules to its lineup including 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity modules; a chat pad; a speaker/microphone module; von Hippel Module (for interfacing with I/O ports with your creation) and even a Pico projector. Founder Peter Semmelhack was kind enough to walk us through the new modules in the video above.

Just like LEGOs or a good ol' fashioned erector set, Bug Labs' BUGmodules will enable you to create just about any gadget you can dream up, provided you have a little bit of programming (read: Java) knowhow.

Bug Labs sells its base and a bundle of modules for $580, and individual modules cost in the ballpark of $100. Check out the gallery below for more of the BUGmodules at the Bug Labs CES Test Kitchen.

Via Bug Labs