Breaking: Aliens hate wind power

Last Sunday the people of Lincolnshire, England, awoke to discover that one of the many wind turbines on their countryside had been severely damaged. Never ones to subscribe to silly concepts like Occam's Razor, the townspeople looked at the scant evidence found at the scene and soon pointed to the obvious culprit: space aliens.

The facts: The turbine suffered a catastrophic failure at night around the same time many locals reported "glowing spheres" in the sky. The manufacturer says the turbine was built to withstand extreme conditions. And the blade that snapped off still hasn't been found.

The only possible explanation: Aliens hate us, and want to stop our development of renewable power. It's the only thing that makes sense. It couldn't have been ball lightning, ice, extreme weather, or pranksters. It was THEM. Watch the skies.

Via The New York Times, shockingly