Asus's Eee PC netbook-stuffed-in-a-keyboard may be the best (or worst) idea yet

The Eee PC Keyboard is, from what we can tell, just a concept that the company was or is throwing around. It's billed as a full computer inside a keyboard, and even has a 5-inch touchscreen off to the side so you can see what you're doing — as uncomfortable as that would be. Still, even if you did hook it up to a dedicated display, that's still a pretty impressive form factor.

So what do you think? What are you looking for in a Netbook? Typically, as we saw in the company's breakthrough offering with the Eee PC, Netbooks are cheap and functional machines that compliment your computer at home, offering access to the Internet and whatever media you want with you on the go (pictures, music and the like). This Asus Eee PC Keyboard may be a little too unwieldy to fulfill that roll.

Via Crave