Apple lets you upgrade iTunes music to DRM-free, but only all at once

Apple's recent announcement that it was ditching its dated, unfair DRM copy protection was welcome news to many. Even better, the company is giving anyone who's ever bought songs on iTunes the option to upgrade their music to DRM-free versions of those songs… for a fee. The catch, as our friend Wilson Rothman over at Gizmodo has discovered: You have to upgrade them all at once.

If you've been a serial iTunes downloader over the years, this might be a serious problem, with costs easily getting into the hundreds of dollars — and no way to upgrade titles individually. Luckily, I switched to Amazon as soon as its DRM-free collection was available, and was always more of a ripper than a downloader, so my upgrade fee is just under six bucks.

Anyone out there with a colossal collection of iTunes music who's just been hit with a huge bill? Share with us in the comments.

Via Gizmodo