A Blu-ray portable? Really? Why?

Don't get me wrong — I love Panasonic. They make the best plasma HDTVs for the money, and the company produces unpretentious proficient products.

But a portable Blu-ray player? Yes, a lot of people wondered about the utility of a portable DVD player back in the day, but there's one crucial difference between a DVD and Blu-ray in a portable configuration: it's nigh on impossible to see the benefits of Blu-ray on a 42-inch screen, much less an 8-inch screen.

Be that as it may, this first Panasonic portable Blu-ray prototype is double-jointed and can be twisted and flexed into more positions than are in the Kama Sutra. And I guess you could buy it and use it both as your home Blu-ray player as well as a portable.

When it appears in stores it'll be priced closer to $1,000 than to $500 (we were told the price we were told couldn't be told), another "really?" since you can get a standard portable DVD player for around a tenth of that.