WeeP5: half MP5 submachine gun, half Wiimote, entirely on the wrong console

Finally, there's over-the-top, realistic weaponry for fans of (the short list of) shooters for the Nintendo Wii. You always wanted to play Chicken Shoot and the leftovers from the other consoles with a submachine-gun-turned-Wiimote, right?

The WeeP5, by Instructables user THeOReos, is made from a toy MP5 submachine gun and modded so that you can aim it like a gun and yet use it like a Wiimote. The trigger acts as the B button, the A button is under the foregrip, the directional pad is along the left side of the gun and the rest of the Wiimote's controls are centrally located along the spine or sides of the gun for easy access.

It's hands-down the most impressive Wiimote mod we've seen, we just wish it worked on a system that could do the gun justice.*

*I love the Wii, don't get me wrong, but so far traditional shooters aren't really its strong suit.

Instructables, via Hack a Day, via Geekologie