Week in Review: Holiday gadgets galore, satellite radio woes & more

We're wrapping up our DVICE holiday gift guides with nine of the craziest high-tech holiday decorations of the year (honorable mention to the DIY Dalek Christmas tree, which popped up too late to make the list) and 10 awesome gifts for sci-fi fans. We also took a look all 'round the Net and compiled 101 of the best holiday gift guides for gadgets (and the 5 worst). If you still need any gadget-related presents for under the tree, look no further.

All the great gadgets aren't just coming out this year, either — take a look at five amazing products you can expect to see covered here at DVICE when we head to CES in '09. Also, burn some time with the top 10 Bush shoe-throwing games on the Web — which are surprisingly good, despite how quickly they must have been made.

Here are more top headlines of the week:

SHIFT: Sirius XM — what went wrong?
Is there any hope for the ailing-but-beloved satellite radio industry?

Landing craft sends back first pictures of extraterrestrial liquid
Saturn's moon Titan has plenty of methane… Tomorrow's headline: Space Cows on Titan.

Samsung Pixon cell phone's whopping 8-megapixel camera
Surprisingly good — but could it replace your camera?

LightSpeed Binoculars allow special forces teams to see, speak and hear
Crazy binoculars that use LEDs to transmit sound and video.

Yorozu Universal Speaker Kit turns any object into a music box
Milk cartons, cereal boxes, window panes — now they're boom boxes.

REVIEW: iMuffs: Bluetooth headphones
Headphones meet earmuffs, with surprisingly chilly results.

Google Earth's NYC gets pretty darn close to the real thing
Google Earth goes 3D, allowing you to see the world from your desk.

GALLERY: Volkswagen Bio Runner
A fine future for the classic VW Bug.