Vudu now streams YouTube and 120 free video channels, new apps coming

Vudu's on a roll. After busting out its ultra-sharp Blu-ray-like HDx video downloads a few months ago, now it's opened up its internet-connected set-top box to the likes of YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa. Along for the ride is plenty of on-demand TV, with programming from networks such as our sisters at MSNBC and NBC, as well as ABC, CBS, Discovery, ESPN and 114 others.

The VUDU Rich Internet Application (RIA) also bodes well for the future, where Vudu plans to open the platform to developers of web-hosted content. The company plans to add a whole lot more applications and services throughout 2009. Vudu says the new service is available today to all Vudu users (although the "Vudu Labs" area hasn't shown up on our Vudu box just yet).

Nice way to keep up with the Joneses, Vudu. This move makes sense, because that Vudu box connects up nicely with the web, can stream video quickly and efficiently, and has plenty of storage on board. This box could be a formidable competitor to Apple TV, the various Netflix boxes (could Netflix "Watch Instantly" be next in the Vudu? nah), and any other streaming boxes.

Via Gearlog