University students take home award for automated window-cleaning robot

A team of four engineering students from Michigan State University have created — and won an award for — an automated window cleaner that requires a human to do no more than push a button to get it started. Called the Winboni, the 'bot runs off of AA batteries and adheres to the window using a suction fan, cleaning it with felt pads.

Felt pads don't sound like they'd clean a window as well as a professional washer would, but the Winboni would be able to tirelessly work on both home and office buildings, just like a robotic vacuum cleaner. If the design was improved upon, we could very well see a successor of the Winboni cleaning every office building in the future.

Teammates Emily Duszynski, Kyle Koepf, Jonathan Luckhardt and Joshua Thomet took first place in the International Student Design Competition of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Check out the video above to see how they did it.

Media Newswire, via The Raw Feed