The 9 craziest high-tech holiday decorations of the year

Some people celebrate the holidays with quiet conversation, a bit of eggnog, a festive meal, an exchange of modest gifts, and maybe a song or two. Others, well, they go stark-raving mad. Crazy light shows, absurd ornamentation, juxtaposing objects where they were never intended — all are fair game for this season of excesses. And high technology is there to aid and abet. To what extent? Clicking Continue gives you front row seats to the mayhem.

Alek's controllable Christmas lights for celiac disease
In an even bigger setup this year, Alek has hooked up remote controllers to decorations and 20,000 Christmas lights all over his yard, and you can turn them on and off from his website. You can even inflate and deflate his quartet of Christmasy characters. And it's all to benefit celiac disease. You'd think with all this sophisticated tech he could find a good site designer, though.

Mini LED menorah kits
It doesn't have that warm glow of old-fashioned candles, but even so, each night, one more tiny LED lights up, just like the real thing. Populate this $10 LED Mini Menorah Kit with white, blue, yellow or green LEDs, and with your basic soldering skill, it's all ready to go.

There must be a house in there somewhere
Yes, indeed you can become addicted to putting up Christmas lights. Insane.

Holiday Search Lights and Sound Show
Put one of these contraptions outside your house, and it blasts holiday images all over the place while blaring out 20 seasonal songs. You'd better have tolerant neighbors and $200 handy for these holiday searchlights and the accompanying sound show, plus a few bucks to bail yourself out of jail for disturbing the heavenly peace.

LED motherboard menorah
Ever wonder what they do with old motherboards? Why, the make menorahs out of them, of course, with a 9-volt battery powering the nine LEDs up top. Unless you make one yourself, this one will cost you $25 from the Museum of Modern Art store.

Carson Williams and his Light-O-Rama super-synchronized light show
You remember Carson Williams, the guy whose Christmas light and music display was so cool they made a beer commercial out of it two years ago? Now with his software/lighting module set called Light-o-Rama, he's gone big time, putting together gigantic light and music shows for malls all over the place.

Sharp Aquos Christmas tree of LCD displays
Never mind mere Christmas lights — Sharp decorated the 26-foot tree at Grand Central Station in NYC with TVs, 43 of them in sizes from 19 to 52 inches.

American Chopper Christmas motorcycle
What would the Hell's Angels do to someone who rode up on this chopper? We get a feeling the Discovery show American Chopper repainted this bike as soon as the holiday season was over.

Geekiest Christmas tree ever
See what happens when you collect all the Star Wars and Star Trek Christmas-tree ornaments in existence? Many of them make their own distinctive sounds, resulting in a cacophonous and decidedly non-Christmasy din. May the Force live long and prosper.