Top 10 Bush shoe-throwing games on the Web

It was the sole heard 'round the world — Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi hurled his shoe at President Bush earlier this week, and the Internet has been ablaze with chatter about the international incident ever since. Everyone's buzzing about it, including some tech-savvy game designers. Thanks to them, a plethora of Flash games have popped up on the Net in the past few days, letting casual surfers relive the hurled-shoe madness again and again. Hit the Continue jump for the Top 10 Bush shoe-throwing games that we could find on these here Internets.


10. Can YOU Throw a Shoe at Bush?
The answer to the question is certainly yes (at least on the Internet), though it really should be, Can you hit him? That's a challenge with this game, which has a rapidly oscillating arrow that guides your throw, meaning you have to pick the right moment to score an impact. That kind of takes some of the fun out of it, though, and the poor animation (is that Bush or Peter O'Toole?) will quickly have you clicking elsewhere.


9. Shoe Bush Worldwide
Not really a game as much as therapy for Bush haters, this Flash… uh, "utility" lets you hit Bush in the face with a shoe. Every throw scores a hit, and Bush gets progressively more bruised with each one, going down for the count on the fourth and pulling out his underwear to surrender. Pretty lame, unless you really, really hate Bush, plus it has bandwidth issues.


8. Bush's Boot Camp
Being designed by a major game site has its advantages, and this game has reaped those benefits in attention. It's well made, but we don't like its variation on the shoe-throwing theme: You're a secret service agent, and you have to use your guns to shoot shoes flying at Bush, while trying not to hit him. (What happened to the noble act of throwing yourself in the path of incoming fire?) Of course, you can just use your guns to shoot the president, and we're sure a lot of Bush-haters will do just that, even though it's how you "lose" the game.


7. Kast En Sko På Bush
Kind of a more sophisticated version of No. 10, this Norwegian game will satisfy physics students everywhere. It's all about finding the right angle and force to launch your shoe with. Once you've found it, though, you're pretty much done.


6. Bush Shoe Throwing Game
It's not the best looking game, but this one gets point for using an actual screencap of the video footage of the incident as a background. The scoreboard is junk, though: way too big, plus what's with those impossibly high scores at the top?


5. Flying Babush
Interesting variation: In this one, you play Bush, not the thrower, forcing you to dodge all sorts of footwear flying at your face. It's fun just to see all the different kinds of shoes, but with only one dimension for Bush to move in, this gets boring quickly.


4. Bush Shoe Incident
You play Bush in this one, too, and it's super-simple: Just wait for the shadowy figure in the crowd to reveal his sole, and click Bush to duck. It gets harder every time you do it, but it could use another element to keep us here more than a couple of minutes.


3. Bush vs. Attack of the Shoes
Again you're Bush, again you're dodging shoes, which is harder than the slow-flying footwear in this game would have you believe.


2. That Guy Totally Threw a Shoe at President Bush: The Game
We like this one for its numerous clever touches: You have to "reload" your shoes after every second throw, the score is kept by how low you've drive Bush's approval rating (it starts at a realistic 30%), you can hit PM Nouri al-Maliki as well (though you don't score as many points), and the hilariously long name. Our only complaint is that it seems a little too discerning about what constitutes at hit.


1. Sock and Awe
This one's gotten a lot of attention, and with good reason: great name, good design — in particular the small pic of Prime Minister al-Maliki looking safe and innocent behind the podium. It eventually gets a little tedious, though. For extra spice, try this variant, Hit Bush With Shoe, that gives you extra time for each successful hit.