Tivoli NetWorks radio tunes in 12,000 stations

Tivoli makes fine, great-sounding radios, encased in real wood and oozing with first-rate workmanship. Now the company is finally shipping its newest creation we told you about back in May, NetWorks, which can tune in thousands of internet radio stations. It can also play back music from your PCs (except for those DRM-infected iTunes files) — streamed over your Wi-Fi network.

It's about the same lunchbox-size and shape of Tivoli's Model One and Model Three radios, and our favorite, the excellent Model Satellite radio that tunes in our fave Sirius stations with aplomb. The NetWorks is available in three exquisite solid-wood finishes, including walnut, cherry, and a dark, elegant rosewood they're calling "wenge."

Like its brandmates, it's expensive, with prices starting at $600. Ouch. Pricing climbs significantly higher as you add a matching stereo speaker and FM. There's also an optional subwoofer that makes the system sound even better. If Tivoli would just add satellite radio capability to this feature set, it would be the perfect clock/table radio.

Tivoli, via Electronista