Tiny Sony VAIO Pocket laptop accidentally revealed?

You may remember that tease Sony was playing earlier this week about its non-netbook netbook, showing us a mere shape of the upcoming tinybook? Now the company accidentally leaked a couple of pics and a few specs on its website, showing us what might be the upcoming PC it's calling the VAIO Pocket.

These pics could be just placeholders, though, because this pictured laptop doesn't look rectangular enough to match that shape Sony was teasing us with earlier this week, nestled in the hands of that lovely model.

Look at that cute bauble, sporting an 8-inch LED-backlit 1600 x 768 screen, a 60-gig hard drive with an available 128GB solid-state drive, and a 1.33GHz Intel processor. When it finally ships, the VAIO Pocket will be available in red, gold or black. That most important spec, its price, was not listed, but if it's under a grand, we'll be tempted.

SonyInsider, via CrunchGear