Thermal Leak Detector saves 20% in energy costs

It's getting cold outside, and that chilly air is trying to sneak into your house. This Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector could help you save 20% on energy costs by showing you where those leaks are. Shining its magic light on trouble spots shows you temperature changes a small as 1 degree, the tiny spotlight turning blue when it finds a problem area.

Once you've identified those leaks, the hardest part is plugging them up. Black & Decker has a pretty good idea here: help customers identify problems that require Black & Decker tools to fix. Nice. But if you really could save 20% on heating and cooling, this $40 tool could pay for itself in no time. Too bad it won't be available until the coldest weather has already blown through — Spring, 2009.

Black & Decker, via Oh Gizmo