Tesla Roadster put to the test with surprising, disappointing results

Good thing we don't have an extra $109K lying around, or we would have already bought that pricey electric car, the Tesla Roadster. But Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson dampens our spirits when he takes the electric rocket out for a spin, pitting it against the similar-bodied Lotus Elise.

He was impressed with the sprightly acceleration and awesome torque of the electro-mobile, crying out, "It's electric! ... Not bad for a motor that's the size of a watermelon." But our hearts sank as the little car ran out of charge after a mere 55 miles of rambunctious driving. It was a long 16-hour wait for the Tesla Roadster to charge back up again.

If your commute is less than 27.5 miles each way and you have over a hundred thousand dollars to drop on a two-seat sports car, it might be some big fun. But judging from the reliability issues so graphically demonstrated by Top Gear in the video above, you'd better have a backup car ready. Sigh.

Via Jalopnik