Telenav GPS shows up on Blackberry Storm with futuristic features

Even if you're not too crazy about the Blackberry Storm smartphone, you might like it a bit better with a full-fledged GPS system on board. This one by GPS ace Telenav takes advantage of the Blackberry's connectivity with live traffic updates, and like the now-defunct Dash Express, lets you enter your destination addresses online before you get in your car. We think all GPS units should have this capability, naming it one of the nine car technologies that could save Detroit.

Telenav Navigator makes finding your way even easier with its voice control, where you call a toll-free number and tell it your destination, and it'll show you how to get there, turn-by-turn. Take that, iPhone. The Telenav Navigator's downside? It'll cost you $10 a month to use it, but you can try it for a month for free to see if that's worth it. From the looks of it, we already think it is.

Via Navigadget