Sony, Dell and HP tease us with hints of tantalizing and tiny PCs

It's Christmas Eve, the perfect time for teasing you about things to come, and PC makers are getting into the act. We have three tantalizing examples. First up is HP with leaked pics of this HP Firebird 803 tower (pictured above left), reminding us of that attractive Dell Studio Hybrid PC, except this one is bigger, and has some VoodooDNA added. That means it contains a much faster and more powerful NVIDIA nForce 760i SLI graphics chipset — sure to get gamers stoked — along with its 4-way Intel Core 2 Quad Q96550 processor. Whoa.

Less info is available about the other two teasers, Sony and Dell. Sony vaguely touts a slim netbook-like portable VAIO PC, to be unveiled next month, probably at CES. The company's not showing us much except the notebook's elongated rectangular shape. Then there's Dell, telling us its next big thing will be as slim as a Macbook Air, calling it "adamo" and revealing nothing more. Shrinking PCs with more power at lower prices? It's going to be a great new year, if we can afford it.

Via Gizmodo, Engadget and Ubergizmo