Solar-powered shades are a stylish way to keep gadgets juiced up

The idea of being able to carry around a portable, renewable energy source is an attractive one — especially if you're lugging around a laptop, iPod and a cell phone. You've already seen solar-panel-laden backpacks — and I've spotted someone sporting one while biking along in NYC — but these solar shades by designers Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong are a mite more stylish.

Called Infinite Energy: SIG, the sunglasses are designed to turn the rays that it blocks out into electrical energy, providing protection and power all at the same time. The sunglasses have a wire sticking out of them that you can plug into your gadgets (get ready to carry around a million adapters with you if these things are ever real) and juice them up.

SIG shades are just a concept at this time, but — as solar technologies steadily improve — one that may not be that far off.

Via Yanko Design