See-through RAM promises transparent gadgets, awesome modding potential

Encasing the wiring and circuitry of a gadget in a transparent shell is pretty popular, but a lot of the concepts we see — such as Nokia's morphing cell phone, pictured above — take it all one step further by being entirely see-through. Likewise, computer modders install windows on their rigs so they can see all of the lights and circuitry inside.

Completely clear gadgets are nice to dream about, and soon they may be nice to hold, too, as the Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Korea has developed RAM memory that is transparent. Called Transparent Resistive Random Access Memory (or TRRAM), the chips will also be smaller than their opaque cousins and perform all of the same functions.

It could be a while before we see any gadgets taking advantage of clear circuitry as the institute will probably need a few more years with the chips to perfect them, but just imagine what companies — and modders — would be able to do.

Gadgets Reviews, via Thoughts from the Sidelines