Samsung might show us a 50-inch OLED HDTV at CES 2009

Is there a 50-inch OLED HDTV on the way? We sure would like to see a home theater-sized OLED screen, because the only readily available unit thus far is that puny, $2,500 11-incher from Sony. But Samsung is mulling over the possibility of showing us a 50-inch, paper-thin OLED screen at the upcoming CES 2009, coming up in about a month:

"We can make larger displays, and we may demonstrate a 50in OLED TV at the CES show in January, though we haven't decided yet," he said, "But how much more would you be willing to pay for such a set?

Sure beats that 31-inch OLED the company teased us with last year at this time. Since then, Samsung's made great strides in OLED displays, showing off a 40-inch OLED screen a month ago. Now we're wondering if the company can solve the other issues with this highest-contrast, sharpest and flattest panel in the world: longevity and price.

OLED-Display, via CrunchGear