Quirky concept bus for London would make Oscar Meyer proud

We like architect Matthew Heywood's entry for "A New Bus For London" just as much as the previous entry we showcased, despite it's odd shape and curves. Sure, it looks quite a bit like the Oscar Meyer wiener truck, but, on the other hand, Heywood's bus gives its occupants a wide view of what's around and above, which is key for city sightseeing. There's also something decidedly roomy about the cylindrical cabins.

The design may look a bit radical, but it's a lot like the current double-deckers, just pinched. From the architect:

The design of this new bus is a direct development from the Routemaster. Our intention is to keep the best aspects while bringing the design up to date… Every element of the external and internal appearance has been carefully considered to contribute to the whole.
Check out the gallery below for more of Heywood's new bus.

A New Bus For London, via Dezeen