Pumpboard: a roll-up, inflatable skateboard no skater would be caught dead with

If the only thing keeping you from getting a tried-and-true skateboard is portability, and if scooters are too nerdy, then the Pumpboard may appeal to you. A concept by designer Maciej Puzon, the Pumpboard can deflate down into a roll-able form, and puff back up when you need it. How? We're hoping magic, because I'm not willing to blow lungfuls of air into a board each time I need to use it.

We can see a concept like the Pumpboard being nice for casual travel and it looks nice enough, but, really, you just can't beat a no-frills skateboard. Check out the gallery below for more of the Puzon Maciej's Pumpboard.

Maciej Puzon, via Auto Motto

CORRECTION: Thanks for the insight, Pawel!