Project Aiko: The sexy virgin robot built to serve man

Anyone who had any doubt that the future of humanoid robots would inevitably veer towards the seedy side need only look to the example of Le Trung and his fembot Aiko. The Vietnamese-Canadian tinkerer put Aiko together and controls her functions using software he calls the Biometric Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System (BRAINS). Le Trung claims Aiko can read newspapers, check the weather, distinguish between different medicines, detect 300 faces per second and answer airport arrival/departure time questions.

The inventor also claims that due to an array of sensors, Aiko can also function as an intimate companion, but on his website he states, "Yes Aiko is still a virgin, and no I do not sleep with her." But as the development of the currently wheelchair bound robot advances, we'll be waiting to see that line of text mysteriously disappear from his website. Le Trung's plans for the future of Aiko would offer the robot for public consumption at around $15,000-$17,000, followed by a newer singing robot called Project EVE. You can see video of Aiko in action here, and find more interesting (creepy?) information on the Project Aiko website.

Via The Sun