Portable gliding simulator lets you soar through the clouds without leaving the ground

Flying in a glider seems like an incredible experience, allowing you to soar through the air without the rumblings of engines around you. But because of the whole lack of engines thing it also seems kind of terrifying and dangerous. Perhaps just a simulation of gliding would do.

The Portable Gliding Simulator is a high-tech trailer that's loaded up with everything you need to pretend like you're flying a glider. The trailer opens up, with the roof turning into a giant projector screen while a glider fuselage sits in front of it. You hop in the glider fuselage, grab onto the instrument panel, and you'll be not-really flying in no time. When done, it folds back up in a matter of minutes. Plus, there's no chance of you taking a nosedive out of the sky, which is a big plus.

Australian Design Awards, Via BornRich