Porsche Design sled looks like it could go 0-60 in 3.7 seconds

Porsche, what the heck are you designing now? A sled? You're whoring out that storied name to clock radios, pocket knives, toasters, pipes, cell phones, and now this aluminum sled? But look at its clean lines, its sparse design, its minimalism. It's a swanky sled, that's for sure, and it better be, for $490. This must be one of those gifts for the man who has everything.

It'll hold that man in style, even if he's a 220-pounder, and with some judiciously applied wax and a steep enough hill, might go 0-60 in about the same time as a real Porsche 911 GT2. Then when you get tired of walking back up that steep hill in the freezing cold, fold up your Porsche sled and go home for a warmed-up snifter of VSOP cognac.

Via Gentleman's Gadgets