Pano Zero Client, the PC that's about nothing

If you like the idea of cloud computing, you'll love this Pano Zero Client. It's minimalist, to say the least. It has no CPU, no memory, no local software, no nothing. Well, there's a network connection, and the idea is to stream everything from the cloud, using its Console Direct Technology.

Does it run those Internet-based "cloud apps" we like so much? Not exactly. Aimed at big (and cash-strapped) corporations, it's designed to run everything from a company server over a fast network connection.

Look around back, and you'll see a VGA port for a monitor, a USB port for a mouse, couple of audio in/out jacks, and of course, that essential network port. And nothing else. One advantage: no viruses or malware, because there's no software. Another: it sips just 3% of the power of a conventional PC, consuming a puny 5 watts. Minimalist, indeed.

Panologic, via The Awesomer