NYC streets to be lit by long-lasting LED lamps on more city-friendly poles

The Big Green Apple will join an ever-growing list of cities with its plan to take advantage of long-lasting LED street lighting — Ann Arbor, Michigan was the first US city to go 100% LED — but NYC is going to take it all one step further with new streetlight poles.

The NYC Department of Transportation worked in cooperation with the Office for Visual Interaction to design the lamps, which will take advantage of over 100 LEDs each. The LEDs are arrayed in a four-point lighting solution that can be customized to cast a variety of footprints, and tailored for streets or parks or other locations.

Likewise, the lamp posts are designed especially for the city, where all manner of signs and bills have to be hung off of them. To this end, OVI designed the poles to have different sections for different signs, and special contact points to hang them from.

NYC's LED pilot program begins with a paltry six streetlights, but, if it's a success, all 300,000 of the city's streetlights may one day be swapped with the new LED lamps.

Red, Green, and Blue, via Inhabitat